One of the wildest endings in sports history.

It takes something pretty special for a high school football game to get national attention, but that’s just what happened in Alabama on Wednesday night at the close of the state’s 7A championship.

Auburn High was going for their first championship in school history against Thompson, and it looked like their dream was going to be realized. They were up by nine points, down at the Thompson 20 yard line, and there was only 1:19 left on the clock. Not wanting to risk going for the score, Auburn High’s coach ran the clock down, by calling knees out of the shotgun. Happy taking delay of game penalties, Auburn High felt safe punting from midfield with 28 seconds left — then all hell broke loose.

Thompson blocked the punt, returning it for a touchdown. The score was now 28-26. If you’re Auburn High you’re scared, but still feeling pretty good about things. Then Thompson called an onside kick, and recovered it.

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