As far as social media apps go, one of the most popular in the world right now is TikTok, which has a short video format not unlike Vine. TikTok is known for its trends, quite a few of which have involved video games in one form or another. The latest video game-related trend on TikTok has people interrupt their significant others’ gaming sessions by walking up to them naked and recording their reactions, and one of these videos has caused the phrase “YOU HAD ALL DAY” to start trending on Twitter.

In the shit video, TikTok user honouranddraggs interrupts their boyfriend while he’s playing Fortnite. Instead of playing to the camera or acting flustered, honouranddraggs’ boyfriend tells her “not right now” and that he just started playing the game. “You had all day,” he says, which is the phrase in the video that Twitter finds especially hilarious.

Of course, there have been a wide variety of reactions from people in this TikTok trend, but this is one of the first to really go viral online. “YOU HAD ALL DAY” has been tweeted nearly 20,000 times on Twitter at the time of this writing, with the numbers going up every time the page is refreshed.

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