Noted ThunderCats super fan Thundercat penned an original song for Cartoon Network’s new reboot of the show: ThunderCats Roar. The track, titled “Grune’s Tune” is about villain (and anthropomorphic saber-toothed tiger) Grune the Destroyer. Thundercat also joined a panel of the show’s voice cast for a Comic-Con at Home Q&A, where he discussed being a cat person, his longtime obsession with the original ThunderCats cartoon, how he came to be known as Thundercat, and more. Listen to “Grune’s Tune,” and watch the full panel discussion below.

When chatting about his childhood fascination with ThunderCats, Thundercat said, “my mom wouldn’t buy me the toys because she genuinely thought I would worship them.” He also revealed that Erykah Badu was one of the first people to call him Thundercat, because he was always wearing a ThunderCats t-shirt in the studio.

Thundercat released his latest studio LP It Is What It Is earlier this year. Revisit “Thundercat’s Love Advice for Valentine’s Day” over on the Pitch.

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