TikTok removed videos by creators who posted political content without disclosing it, the BBC reported.

The BBC said the post were paid for by Bigtent Creative, a marketing company that is working to register young people to vote in the US presidential election.

Many of the posts were apolitical and encouraged voter registration without favoring a candidate, the BBC said.

However, some used their videos to criticize President Donald Trump, which place them under a different set of rules.

TikTok removed videos after a BBC investigation found stars posting political videos without disclosing that they had been paid to do so by a marketing company.

The BBC’s Sophia Smith Galer reported that Bigtent Creative, an agency which grew out of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign in the Democratic primaries, had been funding posts on the platform.

Smith Galer said that Bigtent-funded posts were a mixture of nonpartisan content encouraging people to register to vote, and some videos which explicitly encouraged people to vote against President Donald Trump.

The latter category would put the posts under different rules, since they would count as campaigning.