TikTok might be on the verge of shutting down in the U.S., but its American stars are far from winding down — in fact, they’re doing the opposite … dangerously turning up.

Check out these videos that were captured Friday night from a massive house party out in the Hollywood Hills, celebrating the 21st birthday of TikToker and YouTube personality Bryce Hall. It’s ridiculously packed, and of course … no one is wearing a mask or distanced at all.

Just looking at the raucous scene — which was full of dancing, drinking and eventually stripping too — it’s clear this isn’t safe, but it doesn’t look like Bryce and the rest of the (new) Sway House inhabitants really give a damn, and neither do their guests.

It’s crazy … because you literally see a lot of famous faces here — tons of other TikTok stars and viral personalities and even some reality TV stars too, like Harry Jowsey from ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ Looks like it was a who’s who of Gen Z fame, really. And, yes … things got wild.

At one point, some male strippers dressed as cops come in and dance on Bryce — and then later, the female strippers are brought in and do more of the same. Finally, real cops showed.

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