“A good portion of our fine country, to my eye, has been thoroughly hypnotized, brainwashed by a con man from Queens,” said Springsteen on the Wednesday episode of his SiriusXM E Street Radio show, “From My Home to Yours.” “You mix in some jingoism, some phony patriotism, fear of a Black planet, vanity, narcissism, paranoia, conspiracy theories and a portion of our nation undergoing mass delusions and teetering on violence, and you’re left with the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime. How did he do it?”

The theme of the show, titled “Hail to the Thief,” was the upcoming election and Halloween.

“Welcome ghouls and fools, witches, vampires, bloodsucking politicians, zombie denizens of Washington, DC, it is time for an exorcism in our nation’s capital,” Springsteen said. “In just a few days we’ll be throwing the bums out. I thought it was a (expletive) nightmare but it was so true.”