College football is full of memorable moments throughout the game’s 150 year history. Many of these moments are unique to just the schools themselves or are forever remembered in college football lore.

Miracles, comebacks, stunners, luck, nicknames, heartbreak, the greatest college football moments have it all. Some of these happened on the biggest stages or between the biggest rivals.

But what are the best moments in college football history with so many to choose from? What measures a great moment? Skill, drama, flukes, jaw dropping plays and many others.

Well, that list was narrowed down to 10 iconic moments in college football that’ll make fans happy, laugh, cry and perhaps throw a remote at a television.

Here are the Top 10 most iconic moments in College Football history according to SportsCenter’s Top 10 countdown.

One of the most remembered games in the historic rivalry between the two service academies. This game was almost canceled during the season due to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The game was originally scheduled for November 30th, 1963, just eight days after Kennedy was shot. After calls for it to be canceled, the game was ultimately rescheduled for December 7th at Philadelphia Municipal Stadium in front of a crowd of 102,000. Navy was ranked No. 2 overall heading into the game, led by quarterback Roger Staubach. Army quarterback Rollie Stichwech, with the team trailing 21-15, led Army down to the Navy two yard line. On 4th down with no timeouts, Stichwech was unable to call a play at the line due to the crowd noise and Navy hung on to win the game, their fifth straight in the rivalry.

In an old school, low scoring defensive slugfest, Alabama took a 14-7 lead in the 3rd quarter and the scoreboard never changed for the rest of the night. The No. 2 Crimson Tide were looking to take out No. 1 Penn State for the national title and it would not be easy in the fourth quarter. Penn State was within eight yards of the endzone, facing first and goal late in the ball game. After a two yard gain, a five yard completion and a third down stuff at the line of scrimmage, Penn State faced a fourth and goal from inside the one yard line. Barry Kraus and Murray Legg would plow through the line and stop Penn State one more time for the goal line stand. Once Alabama got the ball back, they were forced to punt but a 12 men on the field penalty on Penn State gave the ball back to the Crimson Tide and burned most of the clock. The goal line stand remains a high water mark for Bear Bryant’s squad.

This game is dubbed the “Miracle at Michigan” and a fan favorite in Buffaloes lore. No. 7 Colorado trailed No. 4 Michigan 26-14 heading into the 4th quarter but quarterback Kordell Stewart would lead the epic comeback. With just six seconds left, Stewart heaved a rock hail mary pass 64 yards down field and the ball fell into the hands of wide receiver Michael Westbrook after a planned deflection, giving Colorado the 27-26 victory on the road in the Big House. Colorado couldn’t answer Michigan’s deficit until the end where they scored their final two touchdowns in the last 2:16 of the game.

This was the beginning of the epic “Ten Year War” between the two rivals from 1969-78, where the two schools split the 10 games. In the first edition of this epic 10 game stretch, the No. 1 undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes traveled to Ann Arbor to take on the No. 12 Michigan Wolverines. Michigan would go onto win the game 24-12 with all points being scored in the first half, but the monumental upset for Michigan led them to the Rose Bowl and it was Ohio State’s final game of the 1969 season after rolling through their competition throughout the season. Michigan would go onto lose the Rose Bowl to USC, but the game sparked one of the most iconic stretches in “The Game’s” history.

The most recent moment on this list. Everyone remembers how well Jalen Hurts played in getting Alabama to the National Championship game. Hurts led the Crimson Tide to the title game the previous year but fell short to Clemson. This time, he’d get it done. Unfortunately, the future Oklahoma quarterback struggled in the first half, causing head coach Nick Saban to go to his bench and bring in the freshman Tua Tagovailoa. In the second half, Tagovailoa sparked a comeback from Alabama, sending the game into overtime. After taking a disastrous sack, Tagovailoa fired a long, high arching pass down the left sideline to DeVonta Smith, who proceeded to run right into the endzone for the 26-23 victory, championship trophy and spot in college football history.

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