Jazz capital of the world” and “Center of Jazz world” are some of the many nicknames NYC has thanks to the very popular and alive Jazz culture in the city. If you are looking to spend a night or an evening in a club surrounded by jazz music, it can be difficult to choose a place in a city such as big as New York, so to save your night, here are the top 14 Jazz clubs in NYC. There are numerous clubs on almost every corner of the city and even though there are so many, each club has a unique quality making it stand out and according to your mood and comfort, you can choose accordingly. Hopefully, the list helps you to find the one club best for you.

One of the top jazz clubs is on the 5th floor of Columbus Center’s Time Warner Center, Dizzy is located near the famous Lincoln Center and was founded by the well-known composer, educator and Grammy winner trumpeter, Wynton Marsalis, Dizzy’s Club is considered the best Jazz Club in NYC and confirmed by jazz icon Tony Bennett who called Dizzy as “the best jazz room in the city.” The club has two performance venues that are- ‘the Apple Room‘ and the ‘Rose Theater‘ and the club gives you an elevated view of Central Park an exceptional view rather since there aren’t many Jazz clubs near the area and also has a good sound system.

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