Preparing to return this week after testing positive for COVID-19 and missing two games, Clemson’s star quarterback said Monday that he remains uncertain whether he will enter the 2021 NFL Draft or return to school next year despite being the near-certain No. 1 overall selection upon turning pro.

“I’m just trying to enjoy my last few months here if that’s what I decide to do,” Lawrence told reporters. “I’m just trying to enjoy it and obviously I’m not trying to make a stir. I don’t want any more people talking about me than they already are, so my thing is I’m just never going to corner myself to where I have to do something just because of something I said in the past.

“My mindset is the same, but I really don’t want to talk about it anymore. People want me to say no matter what, for sure I’m leaving school, and that’s just not something I’m going to say. That’s as simple as it is. I’m never going to corner myself like that, but that’s what people want to hear. I want to leave myself opportunities to take everything in and make a decision and obviously I’m not going to say that for sure I’m staying or for sure I’m leaving, and it turns out that caused more of a commotion than if I hadn’t said anything.”

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