Montana’s Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock, who is also running for US Senate this year, issued a directive last month allowing counties to expand voting by mail and early voting “at their local discretion,” including mailing ballots to qualified voters.

Montana already allowed voters to request and submit absentee ballots without explaining their reasoning.

Bullock’s approach to making ballots more accessible to voters during the pandemic “coupled with … a nationwide push by the Democratic Party for the same measures, clearly reveals that the Election Directive is less about protecting the health of Montanans and more about enhancing the Governor’s electoral prospects, along with those of his political party,” the Republicans wrote in their suit filed Wednesday.

The Republicans argue that the procedures Montana has in place could allow for fraud and dilute legitimate votes.

The challenge isn’t the party’s first effort to limit mail-in voting, which President Donald Trump has frequently and baselessly assailed as prone to fraud. Last month, the Trump campaign sued New Jersey and Nevada for planning to send mail-in ballots to all state voters. And a US district court judge last week effectively shut down Trump’s plan to sue Pennsylvania in federal court to determine how the state conducts mail-in voting.

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