Alex Shapiro is a public relations maven with decades in the industry decades. He’s worked with the up and comers and the big boys –including Alteryx, Mozilla, Oracle, Rancher Labs, Wind River and Zoosk — and is currently the managing principal for his own PR company.Alex has seen physical and virtual events come and go and the means to make them meaningful change with the change in customer expectations. Now, with the pandemic and social crisis, virtual events are not only becoming de rigueur, but essential to succeed.

Alex provides you some truly compelling thinking and tips on how to put on the virtual event of not your dreams but your customer’s dreams. Every technology vendor is eager to partner with you on making virtual experiences better. But the truth is, technology alone isn’t enough. More than ever, the medium really is the message.

Networking infrastructure and computing are rising to a brand new challenge. Even just a few years ago, virtual events were at the mercy of the buffering wheel, as technology creaked under the weight of video compression and over-subscribed Wi-Fi. Not anymore.

Heavy-duty tasks like streaming video in and out simultaneously have evolved how we can share virtual experiences. Changing also is what’s virtual about them. While old-fashioned VR such as Second Life enabled gamers to become someone else, today’s virtual events are giving professionals a chance to stand out as themselves.

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