The first expected blockbuster to be released after March’s shutdown, Tenet is pushed back to an as-yet-unannounced date later in 2020, Warner Bros. announced Monday.

Originally scheduled for July 17, the film was pushed back two weeks to July 31 on June 12, then pushed back two weeks again to August 12 on June 25. It’s unclear whether the title will be pushed back approximately two weeks again, or for a longer period this time.

Tenet tentatively cedes the “first major blockbuster in cinemas” claim to Disney’s Mulan on August 21. Tentatively, the first two wide releases remain Sony Pictures’ and TriStar’s romantic comedy The Broken Hearts Gallery and 20th Century Studios’ horror The Empty Man, both on August 7. However, Tenet‘s prior release changes caused a domino effect of other films changing releases in its wake, and the same may occur again this time.

[Update: on Monday afternoon, Sony Pictures confirmed that The Broken Hearts Gallery will move to a TBD date.]

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