It’s hard to believe that it’s been decades since we first started taking fashion cues from Jennifer Lopez. Over the years, she’s made us want to embrace low-cut dresses, add hats to our outfits, and layer our purses.

More recently, however, it’s her socially distant style that has left us inspired. Whether she’s spending time at her home in Florida or stepping out with fiancé Alex Rodriguez (and their masks!), the singer, actress, and designer has consistently pulled a move we never even thought was possible: dressing comfortable, but fancy at the same time.

Perhaps it shouldn’t surprise us that she’s becomes such a pro at this specific combination. We’ve already known that J.Lo enjoys working UGG boots into her looks, and we’ve definitely turned to her when it comes to picking out a new pair of leggings. Still, as the pandemic continues, we’re taking all the tips we can get for how to remain both cute and cozy — whether we’re slipping into sweats or throwing on a blanket dress.