247Sports continues its grind through the 2024 recruiting cycle as the first Top247 for the class arrives next week. While almost two years remain before National Signing Day 2024, this past fall, elite camps, 7-on-7 events, and track and field have provided valuable context to aid in our expansion of the initial top 100, released in August, and the looming initial Top247 rankings.

For a bit of background: typically, the vast majority of players in the Top247 fall by nature of the spreadsheet. If one player goes up 30 spots, everyone he passes slides by default.

The same concept applies to newcomers. If 10 newcomers to the Top247 arrive between 75 and 125, then everyone lower than 125 falls at minimum 10 spots because of those 10 newcomers.

All of that especially applies in regards to the first expansion from a class’ initial top 100 to a full Top247. Something to remember about that process is that No. 40 in the initial top 100 may more relatively equate to somewhere around 100 to 125, very roughly speaking, following the first full Top247 expansion. Not only are 147 more players added, but a significant number of prospects outside those 247 spots as well.

With all of that in mind, 247Sports provides one more noteworthy crop of 2024 prospects on Top247 watch. Ten of those are listed below, to be exact, but we also want to lead off with two prospects already in the initial top 100 who should be considered elite and on the rise with the Top247’s impending release.

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