Yesterday, director Zack Snyder finally revealed what his drastically different take on the Joker will look like when he appears in the upcoming The Snyder Cut. Portrayed once again by Suicide Squad’s Jared Leto, Snyder’s Joker has been given a “road-weary” look, ditching the infamous tattoos and looking a lot more like The Crow rather than the Clown Prince of Crime. As is often the case, fans have some thoughts, and have taken to social media to express them as calming as possible.

Many are just happy to see the character shed the despised visage of Suicide Squad. The initial take Jared Leto had on the character, which appeared in director David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, was met with much criticism back in 2016 thanks to his silver teeth and assortment of tattoos, the worse of which being the word ‘damaged’ scrawled across his forehead. Frankly, anything else would look better in comparison.

“Well this was a pleasant surprise! There is no semblance of Jared Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad at all. Hype levels for the #SnyderCut are through the roof!” said one fan. While another, who sits near-enough alone in liking the Suicide Squad look, equally cannot wait for this new Snyder Cut version; “I LOVED Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad and here he is looking scary as hell for the Snyder Cut!”

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