It is a bad time. Many people across the globe are sick with coronavirus. Those who aren’t are being encouraged to stay away from public spaces.

Schools, museums, movie theaters, bars, restaurants: all closed. You’re home and you need a distraction. Let us help. Below are some suggestions for what to watch, what to listen to, what to cook, how to entertain your kids. We’ll update it every weekday with a few suggestions. Be safe.

Hello, everyone. It’s Wednesday. A story we published this morning has us thinking about zoos and aquariums and how the animals there still need to be cared for while everything is shut down. The San Diego Zoo has several live cams (pandas, penguins, polar bears), as does the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. The Monterey Aquarium has a sea otter cam and a kelp forest cam. They’re a fine break from the news.

Basically, the penguins are running the joint.

What TV Should I Stream?

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