To say 2020 has been a frustrating year for the Dallas Cowboys would be an understatement. Once thought of as a potential Super Bowl contender, America’s Team now sits at 3-8 on the season heading into a Tuesday night game that Andy Dalton will start in.

It’s been bad.

But while there has been a plethora of poor decisions, bad luck, and front office misses from the Cowboys this calendar year, Bleacher Report tried to name the absolute worst one this week. And it’s likely not what came to your mind first.

Not drafting safety Julian Blackmon. This is interesting.

Despite coming off of a torn ACL, Blackmon was high on a lot of draft boards across Cowboys Twitter, and was ultimately drafted by the Colts out of Utah in the third round. Blackmon has been nothing short of phenomenal in 2020, putting himself in the conversation for defensive rookie of the year this season.

Blackmon was also named to Pro Football Focus’ midseason All Rookie Team, earning the highest grade among all rookie safeties. He would’ve been a welcomed addition to the Cowboys defense for sure, but this isn’t where my mind went first when thinking of their biggest miss.

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