Theo joined our family as a hospice foster dog in May 2020. He had been found in a parking lot and dropped off at animal control. Due to large masses all over his body, he was labeled rescue only. We offered to foster him. We weren’t prepared for how bleak things looked for this guy. Without a collar or name, we decided he needed a strong, kind name. On the way home, he became Theo.

Two animal organizations committed to funding Theo’s care. One more visit to the oncologist confirmed our concerns. They didn’t give a prognosis, but based on Theo’s spirit and wagging tail, we decided to create a bucket list for him to experience anything he might’ve missed earlier in life. After announcing the idea on Facebook we began receiving bucket list suggestions and set off an incredible 205-day adventure to complete 62 bucket list items.

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Number 37 on the list? Have people all over the world fall in love with Theo. We’ve so far heard from people in Scotland, Australia, England, German, Mexico, Italy, New Zealand, and all over the United States. People fell in love with a dog they never met, just by Theo being Theo.

Theo’s Complete Bucket List:

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