Since its debut on Amazon Prime in July 2019, The Boys has taken the world by storm and breathed new life into the superhero genre. Its journey to answer the question of “What if the Justice League was made up of the worst people imaginable?” has provided some top-notch television and truly shocking moments that the likes of Marvel and DC wouldn’t dare tread. Of course, without the Seven — the series’ main group of awful superhumans — leading the charge, The Boys wouldn’t have reached the heights that it has across its two, soon to be three, seasons.

It’s no secret that some of DC Comics’ biggest names laid the groundwork for the Seven, such as Superman, who provides the basis for Homelander (Antony Starr) and Aquaman, who’s responsible for The Deep (Chace Crawford), but Black Noir is arguably the most on-the-nose of the bunch. The mysterious ninja is a clear riff on DC’s Batman, as evidenced by his black and grey costume, his martial arts combat style, and his reputation as someone to fear by the criminal community. Given the Dark Knight’s popularity, many have wondered whether or not he could hold his own against Black Noir, and vice versa. 

Out of similar curiosity, CBR recently broke down how 10 of DC’s biggest names would fare against Noir, detailing victories by Flash and Wonder Woman, as well as the crushing losses handed to Green Arrow and Beast Boy, to name a few. To expand on this concept, here’s a look at the few Bat-Family members that could get the better of the Seven’s stealth master, and how they’d pull it off.

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