The second season of All American: Homecoming comes to an end on March 27, with no confirmation one way or the other about whether it will come back for Season 3. That’s not altogether unusual, particularly for a show with a season ending in March as opposed to late April or early May, but the shakeups at The CW mean that the future of the All American spinoff (as well as most of the network’s other scripted shows) is far from certain. So, let’s look at what is known so far to gauge the odds of a third season!

What’s Happening At The CW

The CW was once the home of a full slate of scripted TV shows, many of them part of the Arrowverse world of superheroes. By 2023, The Flash is the last Arrowverse show standing (and quickly approaching its end), Riverdale and Nancy Drew are also scheduled to wrap, and early reports suggest that only three of the remaining shows will be renewed due to Nexstar Media Group acquiring majority ownership of The CW. A veritable red wedding of cancellations happened back in spring 2022, and the future is grim for scripted originals.

Plus, of the reported three slots for renewal, one has already been taken by All American, which was renewed for Season 6 back in January, with no news of whether that means something for its spinoff. As of All American: Homecoming’s Season 1 finale on March 27, there are seven remaining scripted originals seemingly competing for two slots: Walker, Walker: Independence (with its own odds of renewal broken down here), Superman & Lois, Kung Fu, The Winchesters, Gotham Knights, and of course All American: Homecoming.

I would say that All American earning a renewal bodes well for Homecoming, and those are the only two shows that can easily cross over by this point, with Walker and Walker: Independence sets more than a century apart of The Winchesters debuting years after Supernatural ended. As any longtime Arrowverse viewer knows, The CW has shown a lot of love for spinoffs and crossovers.

Then again, those close ties could mean cancelling Homecoming and bringing some of the characters over to the parent series, to leave the remaining two renewal slots for other shows. So, let’s take a look at what may set the show apart (for better or worse) from the other CW shows on the bubble: ratings.

What The Ratings Tell Us

Ratings aren’t quite as meaningful nowadays with many people preferring to watch TV via streaming and/or delayed viewing as opposed to live, but the numbers in the key 18-49 age demographic are still valuable in multiple ways, including showing how many people make a show a priority to watch ASAP vs. those who watch within three or seven days.

According to SpoilerTV, All American: Homecoming is currently averaging a Live+Same day rating of 0.1, which… isn’t exactly impressive. That does jump up to 0.2 in Live+3 (a.k.a. the number of people who watched within three days of broadcast) for a 100% increase, and remains at 0.2 through to Live+7. When it comes to audience size, the show is averaging .367 million viewers per episode in Live+Same, which grows to .557 in Live+3 and .616 million in Live+7.

Now, The CW is never going to rival the major networks when it comes to ratings and viewership, but All American: Homecoming’s numbers just aren’t enough to guarantee a renewal. The upside for the show is that none of the network’s shows are hitting terribly high totals, so it’s not lagging far behind the competition.

The Verdict

On the whole, with so few slots for renewals and none of The CW’s shows having a huge edge in ratings and/or viewership, we can only speculate about All American: Homecoming’s future. My best guess is that Superman & Lois will be one of the renewed shows, and my top three guesses for the second slot have been The Winchesters thanks to its Supernatural ties, Walker: Independence thanks to its Walker ties, and All American: Homecoming, with Misha Collins’ Gotham Knights as a wild card.

Homecoming does have the benefit of a connection to All American, on top of being a couple seasons in with time to build a fan base. That said, it doesn’t get quite as much of a promotional push as other of The CW’s shows, and its ratings and viewership just don’t match those of its parent series. Basically, we can only speculate until The CW makes an announcement one way or the other, but I would definitely put Homecoming’s odds of renewal as significantly better than some of the other shows on the network.

For now, you can always revisit the first season of All American: Homecoming and first four seasons of All American streaming with a Netflix subscription. You can also find some upcoming viewing options on our 2023 TV premiere schedule.

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