At one Wisconsin college, students wrote the Covid-19 rules — and they’re enforcing them.

While most universities faced with an explosion of new coronavirus cases gave that job to administrators, Beloit College enlisted 20 students to write up a set of guidelines for navigating life on campus during a pandemic that they’ve dubbed “Behavioral Expectations.”

Rather than simply banning all events and other social gatherings, or shutting down the fraternities and sororities like many schools faced with campus Covid-19 outbreaks did, the Beloit rules recognize that students will be students.

“Faculty and administration do not experience campus life the same way students do, and with COVID-19, we realized students needed to help redefine expectations of campus,” junior Saad Ahsan, the Beloit student government co-president, said in an emailed response to NBC News. “We felt it was important to add behavioral guidelines to reflect the values of the Beloit student body.”

So, the student-designed rules spell out how to safely hold a party or hang out at a dorm and even give advice on other activities that are frowned upon during these socially distanced times.

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