Heading to the theater (if you’re safely able to) this Christmas to watch Gal Gadot lasso some bad guys in Wonder Woman 1984? Staying home instead and streaming the film on HBO Max? Regardless of how you’ll be watching the super-powered sequel this holiday season, make sure to stick around through the end credits: Gadot’s Amazonian warrior has one final surprise up her golden sleeves.

The sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman finds Diana living in Washington in the 1980s and facing off against new adversaries (including Pedro Pascal’s power-hungry entrepreneur Maxwell Lord and Kristen Wiig’s feline foe Barbara Minerva, a.k.a. Cheetah). She also reunites with her former paramour Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who’s been mysteriously resurrected after his death in 1918.

But as Diana explains to Steve, she isn’t the first Amazon to leave Themyscira and face off against the world of men. Long before her, there was an ancient Amazon named Asteria, who was a fierce warrior and wore a set of golden, winged armor. It’s that armor that Diana wears in the film’s final act, to face off against (and ultimately defeat) Lord and Cheetah.

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