With one of its newest listings, Airbnb is offering quite the exciting opportunity for both architecture enthusiasts and voracious vacationers. Earlier this month, a listing for the very first home designed by famed architect Antoni Gaudí was placed on the rental marketplace’s website. Located in Barcelona, Spain, the home was built in the late 1800s and is said to have helped foster the Art Nouveau movement.

“Built as a lavish summerhouse for a local family in 1885, Casa Vicens was designed by internationally renowned architect, Antoni Gaudí,” a description on Airbnb reads. “A riotous mix of colors and influences, it was Gaudi’s first ever commission and it is widely regarded as being one of the first buildings of the Art Nouveau movement. This hidden gem was declared part of Unesco World Heritage in 2005 and this Fall its doors will open for a unique and exclusive stay.”

A stay at the iconic property includes a special welcome tour with your host Emili, unprecedented access to this 19th century single-family summer house, the opportunity to taste a Gaudí inspired Michelin star menu in a unique space in the home and a full Mediterranean breakfast in the private city garden.

Oh! And did we mention the best part? Once available for booking, the home will be available to rent for only $1 per night!

Booking for the Antoni Gaudí home opens on July 12 at 10:00 AM EST.


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