Warning: This story contains spoilers for Army of the Dead.

The latest episode of Screen Rant’s Pitch Meeting series takes on Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead. Just two months after the Snyder Cut of Justice League took the world by storm, Snyder has returned with another buzz-worthy movie, albeit one that is drastically different from the previous. Army of the Dead debuted on Netflix on Friday and has ushered in a new type of zombie flick. This marks Snyder’s latest foray into the undead genre, having made his directorial debut with Dawn of the Dead back in 2004.

With Army of the Dead now released out into the world, it’s time for a Pitch Meeting. Screen Rant’s own Ryan George imagines what must’ve happened in the Netflix offices when Army of the Dead was hatched, making for a funny conversation and more than a little bit of confusion on the executive’s part. Naturally, there are spoilers in the video. Check it out down below.

One of the appeals of Snyder’s approach to Army of the Dead is his new take on zombies. As noted in the Pitch Meeting, Army of the Dead’s undead aren’t your typical mindless, brain-eating creatures (though there are still some of those). Snyder has created zombies that, apparently, dry out in the sun only to come back to life in the rain, a zombie hierarchy, and, much to the bafflement of the Pitch Meeting’s executive, robot zombies. It’s one of the things that sets Army of the Dead apart, though it also leaves some questions.

Additionally, the Pitch Meeting ends with the reminder that Army of the Dead is poised to set up a proper franchise for Netflix. There are two projects already in the works: The animated prequel series Lost Vegas and the Dieter-centric prequel Army of Thieves. Whether there could be any direct sequels to Army of the Dead remains to be seen, but Vanderohe’s final discovery certainly leaves the door open for future installments. As the Pitch Meeting highlights, executives love the idea of a franchise these days, so don’t be surprised if Army of the Dead becomes a mainstay for Netflix. Only time will tell what the future holds.

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