Classic good news, bad news day for Incubus fans.

Bad news: Incubus and 311 aren’t going to hit the road this summer (because you know) they announced on Tuesday morning. However, in the good news column, Incubus did release a new EP last month and told us all about it. But even with that release and being in quarantine hasn’t slowed down singer Brandon Boyd from having some fun while at home.

Boyd shared a cover of Beach House’s “Myth” along with a video that was directed by Sarah Hay.

“‘Myth’ written by Beach House and covered by Brandon Boyd while in captivity 2020,” a caption for the clip read.

This wasn’t the first time Boyd has tackled someone else’s song while in quarantine. A few weeks ago, the Incubus singer covered “Goodbye Moonmen” from Rick & Morty.

Check out Boyd’s cover of Beach House below.

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