A Budweiser distributor in Springfield, Missouri has canceled all planned appearances of the iconic Clydesdale horses, citing threats to its employees.
The news comes as the boycott of Bud Light on account of its partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney continues to grow. The beer’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, is having to react to criticism as well as increasing problems, including a stock price that’s dipped.
Wil Fischer Distributing decided to cancel all of the Springfield Clydesdale showings, citing safety concerns for their employees, according to the local Fox outlet. The Clydesdales have long featured in Budweiser commercials such as last year’s Super Bowl ad. The horses also recently made their annual appearance at the Cardinals’s Busch Stadium for baseball’s 2023 Opening Day.
Bud Light’s partnership with Mulvaney was intended to brighten up the brand from its stale association with “fratty” college guys throughout America.

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