The Gossip Girl reboot is already the talk of the town, but did you really expect anything less? Following its premiere on HBO Max on July 8, fans have gone wild as they dissect all the little references to the original series, get to know more about the up-and-coming cast, and become enthralled with the show’s interesting new twists. With just one episode, people quickly began wondering if there would be more seasons. After all, the original series went on for six seasons.

Just like gossip on the Upper East Side, it didn’t take long for the rumor mill to start spinning about season two. Though there have been reports that the series has been renewed for another season, HBO Max hasn’t officially confirmed anything itself, although we have high hopes that the series will get a second season. Less than a week after its initial premiere, the show become the streamer’s most-watched original series, a record previously held by The Flight Attendant. HBO Max also noted that many new subscribers chose Gossip Girl as the first thing to watch after signing up for the service. Sounds like a great reason to renew the series to us!

Plus, the cast and creators are already on board for another season. During a previous interview with Elle, showrunner Joshua Safran revealed that he’d love to see the reboot have as many seasons as the original. “I don’t do anything without knowing if there’s more to it, because I didn’t want to wrap it up,” he told the publication. “It’s Gossip Girl, and the hope is, you get more Gossip Girl. What’s the reason for us doing it again, if there’s not going to be more, right? I have three seasons [planned so far], I could tell you right now. We didn’t know it was going to happen for six seasons the first time. But right now, I definitely have three in my head.”

When POPSUGAR talked with the cast ahead of the season one premiere, Zión Moreno told us how excited she was about this new chapter of the franchise and teased the possibility of another season. “I think the fans of the original will be really excited to see this new take on this very famous and classic world,” she said. “I know that there’s going to be a lot of people that might be extra critical of that, and that gives us more motivation to be better and to create something that hopefully stands the test of time. If it goes past season one, which I hope it does, I hope that you get to see a lot of traveling to beautiful places like the original did, since the COVID restrictions are lifting, but we’ll see! I hope we get to showcase more of this world.”

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