Disney+ has released trailers for all six short films for season 1 of Launchpad. Disney+, The Walt Disney Company’s on-demand streaming service, launched in 2019. The streaming platform features hundreds of beloved Disney animated and live-action titles, Disney/Pixar films and shorts, a vast Marvel and Lucasfilm catalog, and a plethora of original series and films, like Clouds, Big Shot, and the smash hit, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Disney and Pixar released Soul in December, 2020 exclusively on Disney+, and the film took home two Academy Awards.

Disney+ has now released trailers, via Walt Disney Studios on YouTube, for all six short films of Launchpad’s first season. Launchpad is an immersive program that features new, young directors every season who aim to bring light to underrepresented cultures with their work. According to Slashfilm, Launchpad will “diversify the types of stories that are being told” and aims to “give access to those who have historically not had it.” Check out the trailers below:

Along with the six individual trailers, Disney+ has also released a full season trailer that exemplifies the theme of “Discover.” Among the six diverse films, immediate stand-outs of the first season include Growing Fangs, which tells the story of a Mexican-American teen who is forced to confront her half-human/half-vampire identity, and The Last Of The Chupacabras, in which an aging Mexican-American woman takes extreme measures to keep her culture and traditions alive. The season’s other films are American Eid, Dinner Is Served, The Little Prince(ss), and Let’s Be Tigers. The films will be available beginning May 28.

After Disney came under fire for racial and cultural insensitivities in their older films, the company has taken effective measures to make sure that they are accurately representing minority groups in their content. Not only will Launchpad provide six young writer-directors with a chance to exhibit their work and gain industry exposure, but it will also create a space for those who struggle to find themselves represented in film and TV. Disney’s first season of Launchpad is sure to garner Disney+ a larger and more diverse audience when its first season premieres this week.

Source:Walt Disney Studios, Slashfilm

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