With Don’t Breathe 2 about to hit theaters, director of the sequel horror film, Rodo Sayagues, hints at a future movie that could bring back Rocky. The first Don’t Breathe starred the likable yet troubled protagonist Rocky (Jane Levy), who is one of the three thieves who break into the Blind Man’s (Stephen Lang) house to steal his money, but the retired army veteran proves to be a formidable adversary. By the end of the movie, Rocky escapes the Blind Man’s house and flees with her sister and the money.

Instead of having Don’t Breathe 2 focus on Rocky after the events of the first movie, the sequel is centered on the Blind Man (aka Norman Nordstrom) this time around. The move to have the villain from the original movie take center stage has puzzled fans. After all, the Blind Man is a murderer, kidnapper and rapist, so having him become the protagonist of the sequel is hard to imagine. While Rocky wasn’t exactly squeaky clean, her motives are somewhat understandable, seeing as how she had a little sister to take care of. Despite her flaws, fans were still eager to see her story continue when the sequel was announced. It seems they may have to wait until the next movie for that story.

Sayagues sat down with director of the first film, Fede Alvarez, for an interview with ComicBook. During the interview, Sayagues hinted at the possibility of making another installment in the Don’t Breathe franchise and exploring new avenues with the established characters. One of those characters Sayagues hinted at exploring is the protagonist from the first movie, Rocky. View Sayagues’s full quote below:

“I think stories are never wrapped. If something is true about the first movie, is that there’s no closure on both ends. There was no closure for the story of Norman [Stephen Lang] and there’s no closure for the story of Rocky [Jane Levy], they both got away with a crime, both of them. Because Rocky stole a lot of money.”

Also in the interview, Alvarez offered up his take on the subject by adding how he felt that Rocky could have called the police and told them to look for a “dead girl in the cellar.” Alvarez went on to mention that both characters (Rocky and the Blind Man), have a past that will haunt them, and that they’re “going after the Blind Man first.” Both Alvarez and Sayagues could be hinting at the possibility of a third film focused on Rocky after the events of the first movie. Since her story is not quite finished yet, the filmmakers have more room to explore there, like they’re currently doing for the sequel about to release. How that would fit into the story of Don’t Breathe 2 is not yet known at this time.

The original Don’t Breathe was a surprise hit, grossing over $157 million at the box office, partly due to Levy’s stellar portrayal as Rocky. Critics and fans praised Levy’s performance throughout the film, so much so that fans were eager to see her story continue in a sequel. While fans won’t get to see Rocky in Don’t Breathe 2, they can rest assured knowing that she most likely will return for a third installment.

Source: ComicBook

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