A new behind-the-scenes image from Halloween Kills shows a bloody Jamie Lee Curtis laughing with her co-stars on set. Curtis has had a long journey with the Halloween franchise, first appearing in John Carpenter’s 1978 film. She would then return to star in 1981’s Halloween II and Halloween H20, as well as a cameo role in Halloween: Resurrection. None of the Halloween sequels could achieve the critical praise that the original received, which led to director David Gordon Green retconning all past sequels for his 2018 reboot/sequel.

One of the big selling points for the current Halloween trilogy is that Curtis returned as Laurie Strode in a starring role. 2018’s Halloween established that Laurie was still haunted by the night Michael Myers attacked her, which caused a strained relationship between her and her daughter, Karen, and her granddaughter, Allyson. Eventually, Karen listens to her mother’s warnings after she learns that Michael is going on a new killing spree around Haddonfield. Halloween concludes with Laurie, Karen, and Allyson trapping Michael in Laurie’s burning house and escaping in the back of a pedestrian’s truck.

The Halloween Kills trailer made it clear the sequel will pick up directly after the events of its predecessor, and now Curtis has revealed an image of what could be the movie’s opening scene. Curtis shared an image of her laughing with Judy Greer and Andi Matichak to celebrate Halloween Kills being shown at the Venice Film Festival. Her original post can be read below:

The image doesn’t give away much about the sequel, but the right side of the shot does show an actor in a Haddonfield Memorial Hospital uniform. Part of Halloween Kills will be set in a hospital, which is likely where Nurse Marion Chambers will be reintroduced. Nurse Chambers worked at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium in the original Halloween and returned for Halloween II in 1981. While Nancy Stephens is reprising her role in Halloween Kills, it’s unknown how big of a role Nurse Chambers will play in the sequel.

Michael Myers managed to kill over a dozen people following his escape, and the Halloween Kills trailer has made it clear the entire town is behind Laurie in her fight against Michael. Laurie has come a long way from being a helpless babysitter in 1978, and the last Halloween set up her daughter and granddaughter to be just as brave. Halloween effectively set up three strong female protagonists, so it will be interesting to see the family working together in the sequel. That being said, Michael is just as lethal after 40 years, so it’s unlikely that all three Strode women will survive the end of the trilogy.

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