James Jude Courtney recalls a deleted scene from 2018’s Halloween that featured Laurie Strode using a rifle as a baseball bat. Multiple actors have played Michael Myers over the years, but Courtney was chosen to play the Shape in David Gordon Green’s Halloween. Courtney is returning for Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, the latter of which starts filming in January 2022.

After John Carpenter’s original Halloween in 1978, the franchise got seven sequels and two films from director Rob Zombie. The Halloween sequels vary in quality which is partly why the writers behind the new Halloween trilogy decided to retcon all previous sequels and take place 40 years after the original. The film establishes that Laurie isolated herself after Michael was arrested and has taken extreme measures to arm her house in case he ever escapes. Laurie has a daughter and a granddaughter in the sequel who see her as paranoid, but of course, Laurie ends up saving them in the end against the Boogeyman. Laurie was drastically different from the teenage babysitter seen 40 years prior, ready to take on the killer after years of preparation. In their final battle of Halloween, Laurie and her family trap Michael in her basement and set the house on fire, which they thought would put an end to their nightmare.

While there was plenty of action in the climactic scene, Courtney recalled another deleted scene while attending Flashback Weekend in Chicago. When asked what it was like working with Curtis, Courtney responded by saying, “she is the poster child for empowered women,” before praising her for her athletic abilities. Courtney explained they filmed a scene where Michael was attacking her with a knife, and they had Curtis swing a rifle like a baseball bat to knock the knife out of his hand. The actor’s description of the un-seen moment can be read below:

There’s a scene that we shot for the ending of 2018 that we didn’t use. It was a big fight scene between Jamie and I. In that fight scene, and keep in mind, we’re doing 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 takes of things sometimes. So the scene where I’m holding a blade down like this and I throw her around and she swings the rifle like a baseball bat and I was like ‘Oh sh*t. This isn’t gonna be good.’ She hit it, the knife, and I was like ‘well that was a good shot.’ 30 takes and she never missed one. 30 takes. And she swung it like she was going for the fence.

Curtis definitely had her moment in the spotlight when it came to action, but hunting down the Boogeyman in Halloween Kills looks to be much more of a group effort. The Halloween Kills trailer shows Laurie’s daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) both fighting back against Michael, with Karen even getting close enough to take his mask. The pair certainly helped Laurie at the end of Halloween, but it looks like they will both get a lot more screen time in the sequel. The stars of the movie have repeatedly said there is a mob mentality in Haddonfield when it comes to catching Michael. With more people going after him, the body count in Halloween Kills is likely going to be higher as well.

From Courtney’s explanation of the scene, it sounds like the stunt with Curtis went well, so it’s unknown why it didn’t make it into the movie, especially since they did so many takes. Laurie severely hurt Michael in the finale by shooting off two of his fingers, but it would have been entertaining to see her wield a rifle like a bat. Curtis has starred in a few action movies throughout her career and has proven to be a diverse actor, whether it be horror, action, or comedy. Seeing Laurie Strode return in 2018’s Halloween would have been a treat for fans regardless of her role, but having Curtis perform so many stunts with Courtney truly allowed the movie to show off her athleticism.

Source: Flashback Weekend

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