Gunn’s The Suicide Squad revamps the DC franchise by limiting its connections to the original film (except for a few returning characters) and injecting his trademark style of humor, as well as his focus on exploring the obscure/unwanted characters. In addition to this, Gunn maintains his longstanding tradition of including Nathan Fillion and Michael Rooker in his projects, as both actors have been a part of each of the director’s films, be it central characters or cameos. In The Suicide Squad, Fillion portrays the ridiculous TDK while Rooker plays Savant, who was spotlighted in the film’s trailer.

In a new Instagram post, where Gunn continues his recent theme of sharing behind-the-scenes images of The Suicide Squad, the filmmaker took the time to thank Fillion and Rooker. Along with sharing a photo of himself and his frequent collaborators on The Suicide Squad set, he writes that he’s “directed 5 movies” and both actors have been in every one of his films, jokingly writing because it makes him feel he has “a little angel & a little devil” on his shoulder. In addition to that, Gunn acknowledges Fillion’s limited part in GOTG Vol.2 (as his role was left on the editing floor). Full post can be seen below:

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It’s always wonderful to see such longstanding friendships and collaborations in Hollywood. Especially ones that seem free of egos, as Fillion highlights by cheekily commenting on the post with: “There are no small parts, because they end up on the cutting room floor,” likely responding to Gunn’s Guardians 2 comments. One of the great parts of Gunn’s films, particularly in Guardians and The Suicide Squad, has been the chemistry of the cast, as the familial atmosphere that the director fosters on set translates to the big screen. For this reason, it’s easy to understand his strong attachment to certain actors, particularly two that were there from the very beginning. Fillion even stated that he says yes to his friend without even asking about his projects because he knows they will be fun.

Although Fillion and Rooker don’t have huge parts in The Suicide Squad, they both have opportunities to shine, especially Fillion, who has one of the more memorable comedic moments in the entire film. It’ll be interesting to see if or how the two actors will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 because, for one, Rooker’s Yondu is dead, but Gunn did state he could return in a flashback. Even if Guardians 3 marks a first for Gunn by not having Rooker involved, he might ensure Fillion has a role that makes the final cut. Time will tell, but fans will likely be hoping this remains a fun Gunn tradition for as long as he continues telling stories for the big screen.

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