Meadow was 15-years-old in 2013 when her father died in a car accident at the age of 40. Since his death, she has remained close to his co-stars, and the cast has included her in red carpet events for the three F&F films Walker appeared in posthumously. Diesel has spoken of Meadow with affection as he and her father shared a deep friendship that translated both on and off-camera. She, in turn, has shared images of Diesel along with his children on social media and has called them family.

Brewster shared her feelings regarding her hopes that Meadow would join the film series while speaking to Access Hollywood on the red carpet for F9. The actress, who has known Meadow since she was 3-years-old, believes the transition into the Fast & Furious family for the young woman would be “natural” and “cool.”

“I think it would be a beautiful way — I think that she feels so comfortable with us and she feels very rooted in our universe –so to extend that to her being on screen would just be really natural. I think it would be very cool. She’s coming to [the premiere]. We showed each other pictures of our dresses and she looked very beautiful.”

Meadow is a model and the founder and president of the Paul Walker Foundation, a nonprofit that supports marine science education. She has not expressed any desire to become an actress. Meadow has also not responded to Brewster’s wish of casting her in the finale installments of the film series. However, fans would likely embrace Walker’s daughter as a guest-star in the films. Her appearance would be a fresh and different way to keep the late actor’s memory flourishing, rather than fans teased in the movie by the assumption that Brian was alive and has remained out of the action.

Whether or not Meadow appears in any future Fast & Furious film installments, she will always be considered an integral part of the production’s family. Her father’s mark on the film series was undeniable, and his legacy lives on as the series continues to immortalize him in each subsequent sequel. Meadow’s involvement in a future film would be a nice homage to the actor, but Walker will remain the heart and soul of Fast & Furious whether or not his daughter makes an on-screen appearance in the final two films.

Source: Access Hollywood

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