Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday.

The baker who designed the couple’s 2011 wedding cake, Fiona Cairns, told People she recalls Middleton having a “very specific” vision for the dessert, which was an eight-tiered fruit cake with 900 leaf and floral embellishments.

Among her requests were details that made the cake veer from British royal wedding tradition, Cairns said.

“The theme of the wedding was to be very classical, very imaginative and stylish. Where William and Kate’s cake broke with tradition was that she made it very clear she didn’t want a cake as tall as some of the previous royal wedding cakes,” Cairns told People.

The baker said that Middleton asked her to use sugar paste, which is a “softer” icing than the more commonly used royal icing.

The now-Duchess of Cambridge also had a list of details she wanted to be added to the design, including 17 different flowers and leaves, Cairns told People.

“She didn’t want any gold or glitter. It wasn’t to have any color on it all. It had to reflect the flowers of the four [UK] nations, and it also had to reflect the Picture Gallery at Buckingham Palace, where the cake was going to be, to show some of the architectural detail,” Cairns said.

“There was a lot to work out!” the baker added.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s cake, brought to life by Cairns’ team, is just one of the many extravagant wedding desserts in royal history.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding cake veered from royal tradition in part because of the flavor they chose. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, whose cake was baked by Claire Ptak, went with a lemon sponge cake with elderflower syrup, lemon curd, and buttercream. Traditionally, royal wedding cakes are fruitcake.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake was toppling at 5 feet tall, and it weighed 225 pounds.

The Queen and Prince Philip also had a statement-making wedding cake.

The cake for their wedding, which was on November 20, 1947, weighed around 500 pounds, stood at 9 feet tall, and took two weeks to make.

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