Efforts to modernize Medicare are once again gathering momentum in the nation’s capital. The current debate centers around cutting costs for patients, while also encouraging drug innovation, research and development. Should the government be able to negotiate drug prices in Medicare? What can Congress do to lower costs for prescription drugs for seniors and people with disabilities? Can Medicare be improved to help patients access care and afford their medications?

The Hill will gather policymakers, pharmaceutical company representatives and patient advocates to talk about updating Medicare to ensure its beneficiaries get the care they need and deserve.

Tuesday, July 27

1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT

Speakers to be announced.


Steve Clemons, Editor-at-Large, The Hill

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For some patients, out-of-pocket costs can be a significant barrier between them and their medicines. For Medicare Part D beneficiaries, recent trends show that health plans shift medicine costs to patients with serious and complex conditions like cancer, HIV and multiple sclerosis. In order to ensure out-of-pocket costs don’t get in the way of needed care, we need common-sense solutions that provide direct relief to patients. This is why PhRMA introduced “Building a Better Health Care System,” a set of common-sense, patient-centered solutions to help ensure everyone benefits from America’s engine of innovation and gets the care they need and deserve. This includes modernizing how Medicare covers and pays for medicines, including capping out-of-pocket costs in Part D, lowering cost sharing and spreading those costs over the calendar year, and making sure the savings negotiated with health plans are passed to patients at the pharmacy. To learn more, visit phrma.org/betterway.

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