While some filmmakers still have issues with streaming services, Martin Scorsese has for a while now embraced the concept of making his movies for different venues, kicking off with The Irishman, which saw the inside of cinemas and now lives on Netflix. He’s keeping that idea going via a big deal with Apple TV that will see him move his production company there for movies and series.

He’s already got his next film set up with the company – Killers Of The Flower Moon is a co-production between Paramount (where his production company Sikelia was previously based) and Apple, which means the pricey murder mystery drama starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro will release in cinemas and then arrive on Apple’s TV+ service.

The multi-year deal means that future projects from Scorsese will be backed by Apple’s hefty financial resources, and the films are likely to similarly launch on cinema screens before heading to small screens.

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