Marvel Studios is developing an untitled Halloween Special for Disney+ with a Latino lead, which might star a version of Werewolf by Night. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has long been known for its dominance on the big screen, but Phase 4 is expanding the type of content that comes from the MCU. Disney+ opened up a brand new avenue for content and has been the home of hit shows in WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and Loki.

Disney’s streaming service will continue to play a vital role in the MCU’s expansion as Phase 4 progresses. There are multiple live-action shows in development starring familiar and new characters. Marvel’s What If…? is currently offering the first MCU animated content, as the possibilities of the multiverse unfold in surprising ways. However, Marvel is also going to continue experimenting with what type of content it releases. The Marvel Legends series offers fans a recap of MCU characters’ stories, while there is also the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special in development and an I Am Groot short series.

Now, The Wrap reports Marvel Studios is developing a Halloween Special for Disney+. The project is currently looking to cast a Latino male in his 30s to play the lead role. Details on the MCU Halloween Special are very slim, as no creatives are known to be involved at this time. This report does state that the Latino lead character could be based on Werewolf by Night, one of Marvel’s more prominent supernatural heroes. The Halloween Special is expected to begin filming in early 2022.

There are two versions of Werewolf by Night in the comics, with Jack Russell, the original, and Jake Gomez introduced only last year. Both versions of the character are cursed with lycanthropy, turning into a werewolf. Although this is the first news of a MCU Halloween Special on Disney+, rumors have circulated for a while that Werewolf by Night could be coming to the MCU. The character has been linked to Moon Knight in the past, so the Halloween Special could build off the show if Werewolf by Night debuts there. The actor will need to be cast soon to squeeze in a Moon Knight cameo.

In either case, a 2022 debut is possible, as Marvel surely wants to release their Halloween Special in Halloween 2022. This puts the special in the potentially exciting position to be the MCU’s first real horror property. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is said to be scary, but it won’t be a true horror movie. The Halloween Special must have a spooky tone and could have a terrifying lead character with Werewolf by Night. The Disney+ launch will still keep the special to TV-14 ratings, but hopefully more information on the project comes to light soon.

Source: The Wrap

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