Ever since the Dodgers did their best Cleveland Spiders impression for several weeks — and they’ve now lost Corey Seager for a while — Major League Baseball is lacking a truly dominant team. To be clear, there are several very impressive ballclubs and by no means am I complaining. I’m just thinking out loud here regarding the influx of 100-win teams in recent years. There have only been eight seasons in history with at least three teams reaching 100 wins. Three of them came in the last three full seasons (2017, 2018 and 2019). Three teams reached 37 wins last year and that was a 100-win pace. In looking at the landscape this season, I’m getting a strong feeling we won’t see multiple teams get there. As things currently stand, there are zero teams playing at a 100-win pace (the White Sox are closest at 99.63 wins at their current pace). Even if there were one or two, it’s awfully difficult to maintain that type of pace over the course of 162. Just look toward the top of the standings and notice the lack of a truly great team this season. Up and down the league, we can find pretty fatal flaws with every team if we wanted to pick them apart. Some of the teams toward the bottom of the standings aren’t nearly as horrible as the bad teams were in 2017-19 and several (I’m looking in your direction, Twins) should be better than they’ve played. Parity, mediocrity, whatever. The point is, there isn’t much separation between the best teams and the worst teams right now, making my job as the Internet’s Most Official Power Ranker a bit more tough. This isn’t bad news at all. In fact, I think it’s great news. We’re bound to see tighter standings heading down the stretch, incredible playoff races and hopefully an epic October. 

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