James Cameron, the legendary filmmaker behind Titanic and the Terminator films, is currently turning his visions of Pandora into a reality over in New Zealand on the set of the Avatar sequels. His plans to continue the saga kicked off by the 2009 record-breaking box office blockbuster and Oscar winner have been in the works since 2010, but ironically enough, at a time when everything seems at a standstill, he is breaking ground on the projects. Check out Cameron amidst the massive Pandora Base set here:

Whoa, now that’s a set! The official Avatar account showed off this awesome new image of James Cameron in the middle of the Pandora Base around a ton of plans, which look to be maps of the lab’s layout. Additionally, the set shared a wide shot of the lab set Cameron was in the middle of. It’s breathtaking. Here’s another look:

At first glance, it looks like a miniature of some kind, but if my eyes don’t deceive me, that’s to scale. An actual lab was created inside the confines of the New Zealand set and it is packed with set materials and equipment. Cameron is an advocate of advanced technologies in film, such as the cutting-edge motion capture Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana implement as their blue Na’vi char

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