Marvel Studios is reportedly developing a movie based on the comic, Secret Wars, according to writer Jim Shooter. After being forced to take a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MCU Phase 4 projects have blown the universe wide open with multiversal adventures, the appearance of a new character recruiting various characters across different stories, and new heroes joining the ever-expanding story. With so many pieces at play, one wonders how they could top the massive epic Infinity Saga, and it appears that Marvel Studios may be looking at one of their first successful comic crossovers.

Speaking at the MegaCon convention in Orlando, via CBR, Jim Shooter revealed that he thinks Marvel Studios is developing a Secret Wars movie. Shooter said he was contacted by someone at Marvel to write a novelization for Secret Wars, and when he went over the contract, it appeared to be more complicated and Shooter turned it down. David Bogart, Senior Vice President of Operations & Procurement of Publishing at Marvel Entertainment, then made a follow-up call to apologize for the contract and offered Shooter $10,000 as a new retroactive work-for-hire contract. Shooter asked if this meant they were making a movie, and when Bogart said he couldn’t tell him that, Shooter simply replied with “you just did.”

The fact that Marvel offered Shooter $10,000 dollars lends a certain amount of credence to the idea that the company is considering a Secret Wars adaptation. Marvel typically only pays comic creators $5,000 for their work, so the fact they would offer Shooter so much, implies they want to avoid any bad press for when an adaptation gets made. While it is a good sign Marvel is paying slightly more, one would imagine they could pay the creators of the material they adapt into $1 billion tentpoles a little more.

The pieces for Secret Wars may already be laid out. Jameela Jamil is set to star in She-Hulk as Titania, a character who originated in the Secret Wars storyline. The multiverse action of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could suggest the upcoming Secret Wars may feature various heroes and villains fighting not just from the MCU, but various corners of the multiverse, including the Sony-produced films like Venom: Let There Be Carnage or remnants from the 20th Century Fox slate, like Deadpool. With the Fantastic Four entering the MCU, Secret Wars could be used to introduce Marvel’s first family into the MCU.

Source: CBR

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