Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real performed three songs from their latest album A Few Stars Apart for CBS This Morning’s Saturday Sessions.

For the performance, the band showcased “Perennial Bloom (Back to You),” “More Than We Can Handle,” “Giving You Away” from their album, which Nelson and company wrote and recorded during the pandemic in 2020 and released this past June.

Nelson spoke to Rolling Stone in June about his goal of self-improvement during his quarantine, which helped fuel what we called Promise of the Real’s “best album yet.”

“I realized that when this thing started, I needed to go on a little bit of a retreat,” Nelson said. “I started meditating twice a day. I went on a certain fast, a very, very strict diet. I made sure to do 100 pushups every day. I learned a Chopin piece on piano. Every day when I woke up, after I meditated, I would spend at least an hour on that. I was trying to discover a mastery of myself that I had no time to learn before.”

Nelson added of the Dave Cobb-produced A Few Stars Apart, a “songwriter’s record,” “I have a feeling that people really resonate with songs and lyrics, and when you can connect in that way, I think that it’s almost a deeper connection because you’re actually speaking to someone in their soul. Then you use the guitar as a tool to accentuate and bring more emotion to what the melody and the lyrics are doing.”

Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real will take A Few Stars Apart on the road this fall with a headlining tour that kicks off in September.

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