It has been nearly two years since Season 3 of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix, and anticipations are through the roof. While we wait for Netflix to confirm a release date for Season 4, we can obsess over every new detail teased about the story, from the recent casting announcements to a fictional podcast about Maya Hawke’s Robin. Now, we’ve got some exciting new details about the new season courtesy of one David Harbour.

Harbour spoke with our own Steve Weintraub ahead of the release of Black Widow and eloquently built up hype for the upcoming fourth season of Stranger Things. The actor compared Jim Hopper’s journey to that of Gandalf, “I’m really interested in this resurgence of him,” and teased a different and bigger season.

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When asked about how this season of Stranger Things compared to previous ones, Harbour teased the importance of it taking place outside of Hawkins.

“I mean, it’s bigger, that’s the first thing. In scope, in scale, even in the idea that we’re not in Hawkins anymore. We, locale-wise, we’re bigger. We’re introducing new stuff, but we’re also tightening and wrapping up in a certain direction to make it have a clear, clean specific, and definite ending at some point, which I can’t really talk about.”

And yet, even if Harbour can’t talk about the season at large, he still teased Hopper’s journey, comparing it to a “rebirth,” since, you know, he kind of died for a minute there.

“I can talk about Hopper. I guess I say this about a lot of seasons, but it’s my favorite season, in the sense that he’s at his purest, he’s at his most vulnerable, in a sense. He’s been, as we’ve seen, he’s in this Russian prison, so we get to reinvent him in a sense. He gets to have a rebirth from what he had become, and we’d always sort of planned this almost resurrection of you have Gandalf dies, Galdalf the Grey re-emerge, and I’m really interested in this resurgence of him. We get to explore a lot of threads in his life that have merely been hinted at that we get to see a lot more of. And there’s some real surprises that you know nothing about that will start to come out in this and play big as the series goes on.”

Three seasons in, Stranger Things continues to draw in new fans with its blend of nostalgia, horror, comedy, and plenty of emotions. With Season 4 around the corner, Harbour explains how the series continues to evolve and get better with each season.

“[Season 4] is really my favorite season. I just love it. The scripts always get better and these guys, they started out, and Season One is so tight and good and intimate in a certain way, it’s so good. And these guys go in different directions, of which the fans have multiple takes on, but I will say, the writing continues to be of its particular, specific genre, whatever they’re doing each season is just extraordinary. And this, again, we top it. Like I feel it’s a big, beautiful season. I can’t wait for people to see it.”

A comparison to Gandalf is enough to pique my interest, but to tease a bigger location is just the icing on the cake. That Season 4 is also bringing in horror legend Robert Englund means horror (and I guess now fantasy) fans have a lot to look forward to whenever Stranger Things Season 4 arrives on Netflix. Look for Steve’s full interview with David Harbour soon.

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