Sasha Calle’s Supergirl fires up her heat vision in fan art for the DCEU’s The Flash. After several years of delays, The Flash has finally entered production. Ezra Miller will once again play Barry Allen for the film, which will serve as his very first solo movie. Andy Muschietti (It) directs a cast that includes several major DC heroes. For example, The Flash will boast not one but two Batmen, with Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton both portraying different versions of the Caped Crusader. Additionally, Arrowverse star Grant Gustin will reportedly have a cameo as an alternate Barry, much like Miller did for the franchise’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In between all the excitement for the aforementioned characters, The Flash slipped in another major surprise in February by casting Calle as Supergirl. Though the character has been teased a handful of times in the DCEU, she has yet to make her onscreen debut. Exactly what kind of role Supergirl will play in The Flash remains to be seen, but Calle’s costume has already been glimpsed through several set photos. She will don her usual red cape, though unlike most comic depictions, she won’t have a skirt.

Graphic artist Yadvender Singh Rana took a swing at depicting Calle’s Supergirl at full power in a new piece shared online this weekend. Dressed in the suit glimpsed in various set photos and sporting Calle’s shorter haircut, the fan art hints at Supergirl’s abilities by having her eyes glow red with the promise of incoming heat vision. It’s an epic, powerful look. Check it out below.

The introduction of Supergirl in The Flash leaves a lot of questions. The biggest one on many fans’ minds is whether she has any connection to Henry Cavill’s Superman. In the comics, the two are cousins, and the DCEU’s first Supergirl tease came in Man of Steel. However, with Cavill’s DCEU future uncertain, it isn’t clear if The Flash will make any mention of him. Beyond that, it remains to be seen where Supergirl will emerge in The Flash, though with the plot reportedly exploring the multiverse, she could come from a different universe.

Regardless of her origins and her connection to Superman, Calle’s Supergirl is poised to become a major player in the DCEU. Though nothing has been announced just yet, it wouldn’t be surprising if she went on to lead her own solo movie somewhere down the line. The Flash can lay the groundwork and give her room to fly in the future. All will become clear when the movie arrives in November 2022.

Source: Yadvender Singh Rana/Instagram

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