Harry Potter star, Tom Felton, revealed whether there is, or ever has been, a romantic connection between him and his former co-star, Emma Watson. Harry Potter started as a series of novels written by J.K. Rowling. As the series became increasingly more successful, each novel was adapted into a movie, with the last and seventh book getting two movies. The series focuses on Harry Potter, a boy with magical abilities who realizes he is the “chosen one” and must take down the evil force, Voldemort.

Felton played Harry Potter’s school rival, Draco Malfoy. Malfoy has a fiery disposition and vindictive nature and wasn’t afraid to show it. Malfoy and his family were known for working alongside Voldemort and the dark side. Meanwhile, Watson plays Hermione, an overachieving teacher’s pet. However, Hermione isn’t afraid to put anyone in their place. Both Malfoy and Hermione’s intense personalities caused them to butt heads on several occasions. While their characters had intense animosity for each other, it turns out the actors felt an entirely different way about each other. Watson has previously admitted to having a crush on Felton when they were in the Harry Potter series together.

ET spoke with Felton as he reflected on his Harry Potter days. Felton addressed the rumors surrounding him and Watson. When asked about the nature of his and Watson’s relationship, he expressed that they are “something.” He added that they have been “very close” for years. He threw around the word “adore” in regards to Watson and said that he thinks she’s “fantastic.” He also shared that they call each other regularly, and that they’ve even talked within the past couple of days. He added that he only can hope the feelings are mutual.

However, he later added that he’s not sure if the connection between them formed was motivated by “Tom and Emma” or if it started out from the rivalry between their characters. He accredits the “romantic” side of their friendship to the “Slytherin/Gryffindor” tension. He also noted that she was the only girl who was the main character on set among the rest of the boys starring in the film. However, this was likely an attempt to minimize and justify his emotions as he reportedly tearily noted that he thinks “the world of her” and that she’s a “fantastic influence on the world.” It seems that Felton certainly has the feels for Watson.

So it seems that the former co-stars have not dated yet, or if they have, they’re not willing to admit it. However, they certainly could be headed in that direction. Fans have certainly noticed the chemistry between them. Now, Harry Potter fans have to wait for Watson’s take on Felton’s feelings. If Felton’s feelings are romantic, he would have to hope that Watson’s childhood crush still lingers.

Source: ET

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