Vin Diesel likes the idea of Michael Caine playing Helen Mirren’s ex-husband in the Fast & Furious franchise. Over the past weekend, the ninth installment in the high-octane series, F9, debuted to a record-breaking $70 million. The film took Fast & Furious to new heights – literally, since Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) went to space. On a character level, F9 had a nice mix of old favorites and fun newcomers. In the former category were those like Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) and the previously thought-to-be-deceased Han (Sung Kang).

It also included Mirren’s Queenie Shaw, the delightfully brash mother of Deckard (Jason Statham) and Hattie (Vanessa Kirby). Mirren made her first franchise appearance in 2017’s The Fate of the Furious with a surprise cameo. She then went on to have a small role in the spin-off Hobbs & Shaw before popping up again once more for F9. Mirren’s role in F9 inspired extra excitement online because, for the first time in the Fast & Furious franchise, she got the chance to drive.

Mirren sat down with the NYT to break down her latest Fast & Furious appearance, and she touched upon Queenie’s unexplored backstory during the conversation. Interviewer Kyle Buchanan noted that, between Statham, Kirby, and Luke Evans (Owen Shaw), Mirren has amassed an impressive onscreen family. When Buchanan asked if the iconic actress has put any thought into who should be her unseen ex, she mentioned an idea her co-star had. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say but apparently Vin had the idea of Michael Caine,” Mirren said. She is very much in favor of it as well: “I mean, wouldn’t that be fantastic? That would be just so cool and absolutely perfect. So we’ll see.”

There are two more Fast & Furious movies ahead, so there’s definitely room to fit in a Caine cameo. Fast & Furious has produced some truly excellent cameos over the years, from Ryan Reynolds in Hobbs & Shaw to Cardi B in F9. Another appearance from a British legend like Caine would really be an impressive feat for the franchise, and Diesel and Mirren are already on board.

Even if Caine doesn’t pop up in a future Fast & Furious movie, there’s a good chance Mirren herself will be back. She’s shown her enthusiasm for the franchise and, there could be a lot more ahead for members of the Shaw family. Mirren currently has her hands full filming the DCEU flick Shazam: Fury of the Gods, but she might be willing to put in another appearance when Fast & Furious 10 and 11 begin filming next year. Queenie is too fun of a character to ignore, so hopefully Fast & Furious will include her (and possibly her ex) in its endgame.

Source: NYT

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