Ed Sheeran is taking over The Late Late Show this week. After showcasing his single “Bad Habits” earlier this week, Sheeran offered an intimate performance of his 2011 track “The A-Team.”

Appearing on the late night show’s stage with only an acoustic guitar, Sheeran gave an emotional take on the ballad, which comes off his album +.

Sheeran joined James Corden for an interview during an earlier appearance this week, speaking about being a new father, why he stays at Courteney Cox’s house every time he visits Los Angeles, and why he repays the actress’ kindness by ordering her a gimp mask on her Amazon Alexa every time he’s there.

Sheeran also talked about “Bad Habits,” incorporating more dance music influences on the song, and why he chose to release the track as his first single.

“I had a first single chosen and we were gonna shoot the video, the album was mixed, and then in January or February, England announced that in June, the country was going to be opening up,” Sheeran said. “And my single was scheduled to come out in June, and I was like, ‘I don’t know if the world needs a depressing sad, slow acoustic song when it’s all opening up.’ So I was in the studio and we created this song and it’s just fun, I think.”

Sheeran’s week-long residency on The Late Late Show With James Corden continues tonight.

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